Vision Board

Make your life goals visual in this Vision Board Workshop.

A Vision Board is more than just randomly collecting pictures from old magazines… This is also NOT what we are going to do in this workshop!

You’ll receive a workbook guiding you through the process of making a Vision Board to start manifesting your dream life.

What to expect:

The instructor will guide you through the 5 steps of the process.

Step 1: Vision

What does your best self look like? 

Step 2: Goals & Action

What goals help you to become this person? 

What actions will help you to achieve your goals? 

Step 3: Inspiration

What images and quotes will help you to achieve this?

Step 4: Create

How can you make / find strong illustrations for your goals?

Step 5: Visualise

How can you achieve your goals? 

After filling in the worksheets inspired by the wheel of life (life coaching tool) you’ll start collecting images for your vision board. This can be pictures, quotes and/or your own drawings. All the drawing materials will be included in the workshop.

How does your ideal situation actually looks like?


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